Gypsy Soul!


I was born and brought up in a very small town in India, a  very quiet, introvert and mediocre girl, I always dreamt of leaving for a bigger city. I moved to Coming toDelhi in 2009 for my masters. This was my first time in a big city – Kolkata, despite being a metropolitan, doesn’t really qualify as one. Surviving here was never easy for me. I started to feel very out of place, gloomy, and inferior. I was clearly a mis-fit. Most times it would just be a struggle with myself to make friends or talk to people when I needed to.

Soon I started looking for escapes- not attending lectures, get-togethers, parties, calls and messages. At one point I was cut off from the entire world, including my parents and i had the weird urge to continue being alone, just by myself. What started as an engulfing fear was soon the best feeling of my life. I started looking for alternatives to encroach myself, and that is when travel came to my rescue. Living in north india, you gain access to incredible hills. However, I was too afraid to travel alone – my parents would never agree! what if its unsafe? will I get bored? What if I get lost?

All I needed was a split second of courage of letting go of the fear of travelling solo and follow my instincts to leave whenever I wanted to. One random day, I just packed my bags and left for Himachal and there was no turning back ever since.

Sometimes, I would just leave in the middle of the week on a bus to nowhere. Land in a place and just go exploring like a wanderer. It just helped me bring myself together and put all the messed up pieces in one place. I met new people, experienced newer cultures, stepped out of my complete comfort zone, went starving for days..but at the end, I was content. I experienced a whole new level of independence and happiness that I never knew exists. (In my next blogs I would talk about the places I visited and things I liked doing there)

Currently, I have a well paying job, good friends (quite a lot of them) and everything I could have probably dreamt of as a kid. However, I still feel lost at times. An yes, i travel 🙂


Be a explorer, not a cartographer in life!